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Performance Reviews - Manager's Guide

This is a quick user guide for the Manager (Reviewer) in creating and completeing performance reviews.

In the 'Performance Reviews' tab on the Employers Toolbox you can create new reviews from blank, or based on an example template, or your own templates. You can also open/edit/delete any existing reviews which are not linked to a staff member. To open or edit reviews linked to staff you must do this from the staff member's record from the Dashboard.

To create a new blank review, click the 'New' button at the top left. This will present you with an entirely blank performance review with no KPIs or questions.
To create a new review based on a template, click on the desired template in the 'Review Templates' section. This will create a new review based on the template with all the KPIs and questions contained within the template.

All the reviews in the 'Saved' list can be re-opened for editing by clicking any of the links (text). The icons on the left of the list each have their own functions;
 Invite sent, click to open and see invites
 Download Performance Review report in Word (Docx) format
 Download Performance Review report in PDF format
 Clone review. Makes (and saves) a copy of performance review. All KPIs and Questions will be included in new review. All responses will be blank
 Permanently deletes review. You do get prompted to confirm action.
Hovering your mouse over an icon will show a Tooltip label.

Performance Review - Details

The first page presented when editing or creating a review is the details page. This is the review information for the parties involved and period being reviewed.
The 'Link to Staff' button pops up a window of all current staff members you have saved in your system. Linking to a staff member gets the review to be saved on their staff record rather than in the 'Performance' tab.

This page also allows you to set a reminder date for a future review. By completing the 'Next Review Date' box the system will alert you by email when this is due.

All date fields must be completed in the format dd/mm/yyyy. When you click in a date field you are presented with a date picker. If you use the date picker the format will always be correct. The small blue info icons offer quick help notes if you hover your mouse over them.

The 'Review Introduction' box optionally allows the author to add some text to the beginning of the review for the parties to read. It's an unlimited space for free text, it appears on every screen during the review process online and also prints out on the hard copy forms and final report.

Click 'Next' saves the information and moves you on.

Performance Review - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You can create as many KPIs as you need in a review. KPIs can be categorised into groups. You can also have as many groups as you like, or none at all. If you use the example template provided you will notice it uses 4 categories;
  • Job Knowledge
  • Dependability
  • Innovation
  • Goals

When it comes to completing the review, both the reviewer and the reviewee are presented with each of these KPIs in turn with a ranking scale to gauge the perceived reviewee's level of achievement;
  • Exceptional
  • Exceeds
  • Above average
  • Meets expectation
  • Below average
  • Improvement needed
To create KPIs type your text into the box and click the 'Add' button. Optionally you can categorise your new KPI. You can create new categories by clicking the +/- button next to the category drop down list.
The 'Get KPI' button pops up some suggestions for KPIs if needed.

You may re-order the list of KPIs and categories using the arrow buttons to the right of the KPI list once created. There is no limit to the amount of characters you use for a KPI. You may delete your KPI from the list using the trash can icon next to the item in the list. You cannot edit a KPI, just delete it and start over.

Each KPI at review time will also offer both parties the option to make comments.

Performance Review - Questions & Answers (Q & As)

The Q & A section offers the opportunity for questions to be posed following the KPI section.

The reviewer can set as many questions as desired. There is no limit on text length for either the question or the answers. During the review process both the reviewee and the reviewer get the opportunity to respond.

Like KPIs, questions can be re-ordered, deleted but not edited.

Performance Review - Review

This is the stage in which both parties complete their assessments of KPIs and Q & As.

There are 3 ways in which to complete this part;
  1. Directly using this screen
    Click on the correct button to complete the respective parties assessment.
  2. Remotely online using the invite system
    The 'Invite' button pops up a screen to create either party an email offering a secure link to complete the assessment online. The parties can then complete it online in their own time. See below for more on the Invite system
  3. Print the review to Word and give to the parties
    Click the 'Download Assessment' button to produce a Word file. The parties can physically complete the file and return it for transcribing as in step 1 above.

Invite system

When using the Invite system, the software generates a temporary unique webpage (URL) for the parties to complete their assessments online. The system will send them a time-limited email invitation with a link to click on.

The webpage is a 'responsive' page designed to be compatible with all modern browsers and mobile devices.

You have to specify the length of time you wish this URL to remain live for. After that date the email link will not work. You may create multiple invites if you need to. You can also delete invites. If you delete an invite the URL is also closed.

All invites are listed on the Review page.

During the valid timeframe of the invite, the parties may enter the webpage as many times as desired; so they don't need to complete the entire review in one sitting. They can save their progress and return another time. A log is maintained by the system regarding the parties usage. Click on the blue speech bubble icon on the invite line to see the whole activity log.

Once the parties complete and submit the review they cannot re-enter the webpage. If they need re-enter it you will have to create a new invite.

The reviewer is also emailed once the reviewee has completed.

For detailed information on the assessment webpage from the Invite system please see the following web page. Please also feel free to circulate this URL to your staff as it will assist them in completing their reviews:

Performance Review - Finish

The last page gives the reviewer a preview of the completed review.

From this page you may download the entire Performance Review report to Word (Docx format). You can also save this review as a Template review.

Saving as a Template will create a new review file in your Templates section which has all the same KPIs and Questions but all blank party details and responses.

'Start PIP' button in the top menu will start a new Performance Programme for this staff member, linked to this performance review.

For further assistance on this or any other feature of the Employers Toolbox online please call Employers Assistance on 0800 15 8000 or email us on info@employers.co.nz
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