Visitor Management Guide

The Visitor Management system is accessible from the Employers Toolbox, either through the Dashboard or the Health & Safety module. It is also available directly at the URL:
When using Visitor Management on a stand alone unmanaged device, for example a Tablet on the reception desk, we recommend creating an internet shortcut to the URL above.
Admin page
By default, when a user enters the Visitor Management system they are presented with the administrative interface. This is a secure page and if you are not logged in already you will be prompted to do so.

From the admin page you are able to setting options, open the public interface, report on visitors through time, and get instant "who's here now" report.
Clicking on the top right hand 'Employers Toolbox' logo will also return you to the main Employers Toolbox Dashboard.

The drop-down list on this screen contains all branches you have loaded on your Toolbox account. To get branches added, removed or changed please contact Employers Assistance. The buttons below perform their presecribed actions based on your selected branch from the list.

Selecting 'Open' takes you through to the public interface for the Visitor Management system for the selected company. It also automatically logs you out of your Toolbox account.

This is a security measure to stop unauthorised access to your Toolbox account via the browser's back button.
Options page
The Options button offers the user the ability to extend the functionality of the portal if required.
The first option will send an email to your staff member receiving the visitor upon the visitor's arrival. By selecting this option an email will be sent to the 'Work Email' address listed in their staff member record.

You also have the ability to include a notice screen to present to visitors prior to signing in. A typical use of this would be to get visitors to read and accept your company's terms and conditions or Health & Safety policy prior to entry to your premises.

Ticking the box 'Use Terms screen' will activate this functionality. 'Agree button text' is the text you wish to display on the button which will allow the visitor to proceed, by default it is set to 'I Agree'. There's an option to display the date and time on the portal,  then there is a large text area to input the notice you wish to display.

This text area is an HTML editor. You can copy & paste content in here, type directly and use the buttons to format it, or if you know a bit about HTML coding you can tweak the HTML code directly to get exactly the look you need for your notice. There is no limitation to the length to the notice you wish to display.
Toolbox Settings
Your company logo will be displayed throughout the Visitor Management screens if you have uploaded one. Uploading your logo is done through the settings in the main Toolbox.


Two reports are available from within the admin page; 'Who's here now' and 'Log'.

The Who's Here Now report instantly lists all visitors who have signed in within the last 12 hours and not yet logged out.

The Log report offers you a date picker to specify what time frame you wish to report on. It will list all visitors during this period, dates inclusive.

All reports have the option to be downloaded, printed or emailed. Word docx or text formats are both available.
Remember the reports are based on whichever branch is selected in the drop-down list at the top.
Public interface

Public Interface

Selecting 'Open' from the admin page opens the public interface and logs you out of your Toolbox account.
Back to admin page
The admin page can be returned to by clicking the Employers Toolbox logo at the top right of the screen. This will reveal a cog icon on the top left and clicking this will provide you access to the secure admin page.
Find visitor
The public interface is very simple. Sign In or Sign Out are the 2 options from the home page.
Upon signing in, if you have enabled the 'Terms screen' from the options in the admin interface, the user will be presented with this Terms page which they have to accept before they are allowed any further. If you haven't enabled this they won't see this.
When signing in the visitor is asked whether they have been here before or are new to your company.

If they are a returning visitor they are presented with a search screen to find their details. For privacy reasons they need to enter their full name. If they appear in the search result clicking on their name will take them to the sign in screen with their details pre-populated. If they cannot find their details they will have to enter as a new visitor.

Any popup style screen in the public interface can be closed by simply clicking in the darker background area.
Sign out screen
It remains for visitors to sign out upon exit. They are required to search for their full name in the sign out screen. If a visitor forgets to sign out they will remain as being signed in and show as such in the reports. Administrators can sign people out from within the Log report if necessary.